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Network Maintenance Notification

Dear Customer,

This email serves as official notification that we will be performing maintenance on our network as described below.

This maintenance may affect services you have with us.

Urgency: Planned
Date Notice Sent: 8/8/2014

Maintenance Window: 00:03 – 07:00 PST

Primary Date: 12-Aug 2014
Backup Date: 14-Aug 2014

Location of Maintenance: Dallas TX

Reason for Maintenance: Network

Expected Impact: SA (Service Affecting) Down up to 1 Hour If you have redundant connections you may see minor latency or loss. Single connected customers might see multiple 5-10min outages during the maintenance window.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to read more….

Saturn & Storm: Corrupted MBR

On a routine audit, we found that the MBR (Master Booting Record) on the hard drives of the servers “Saturn” (VPS) and “Storm” (shared) got corrupted. It means that if the servers are rebooted the server’s OS will not work because its partition is destroyed. We first tired to fix it but it seems not possible. Now we are in the process of migrating the VPS containers as well as the shared hosting accounts out of their respective servers.

We expect to fix this issue within next 24 hours. People will be facing downtime due to this, but there is no data loss. However there is a possiblity that this might take more than 24 hrs to fix complete as the amount of data is quite read more….

Multiple servers are down due to DDOS attack

We regret to inform that our multiple servers are currently facing unexpected downtime due to an DDOS attack. We are working to mitigate this issue ASAP. Already it has been mitigated but frequent new attacks are coming now and then. Affected servers are -


Though, servers are still accessible and websites are also running, but connection lost is frequent. We will keep you posted through this blog.

++++++++++ Update ++++++++++
The DDoS has long been mitigated, All the servers are up and working fine, but we are still keeping a read more….

Curtis Server outage due to hard-drive errors.

We are currently experiencing HDD issue in the server Curtis since yesterday night and are working quickly to resolve the problem. Earlier it seems to be a minor network issue and the cable was replaced immediately, but after detailed investigation it is found that the HDD is giving errors. We expect to fix this issue within next 12 hours. However, there is a strong probability of data loss, not entirely but partially as only one of the three HDD in that server is having the trouble.

We deeply regret this situation and are sorry for the inconvenience caused. We will keep updating this post with every ongoing development.

++++++++++ UPDATE read more….

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