How to customize Flash Animation file in my Dolphin?

You can take out the default message from the Flash file by opening up the logo.fla file. You can find it at templates/tmpl_uni/images/logo.fla.

You will need Flash Editor to edit the file. Open up the file and select the part that has the default welcome message. It looks like a box. Just select it and hit the delete key. If the row is locked, just click the padlock and it will unlock.

Save the file and republish. Upload it to your server. You can then check it out. Make sure you refresh the page.

If you have changed the Flash file size
This works if you have stayed within the parameters of the default Flash file. If you have changed the dimensions, you may need to update the height and width locations. One is in the MySQL databse and the other is a CSS file.

- Database Edit
Go to CPanel >> phpMyAdmin and locate the GIParams table. Locate the flash_promo_code record and click the edit button. You can update the dimensions there.

- CSS Edit
The other place you need to change the height is in the index.css file. It is located in templates/tmpl_uni/css/index.css. You need to look for the indexPhoto. That is where you need to update the height.

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