Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions about RED5

Q-1) What is RED5?
A-1) Red5 is actually an Open Source Flash Media Server. RED5 is used by many softwares (like Rayzz, Kootali etc) which use live media streaming and recording.
Q-2) Do you provide RED5 server?
A-2) Yes, we provide fastest & easiest RED5 servers, which work immediately out-of-the-box. You can get it either with our hosting package, or rent it as a stand-alone service without our hosting package (without moving your website to GigaPros).

Q-3) Can I use your RED5 server with an explicit adult site, which is hosted with another hosting provider? New
A-3) The is NO restriction on RED5 usage based on your site content. So, if your adult site is hosted with another hosting provider, you can surely use our standalone RED5 connection for your adult site.

Q-4) Can I use my RED5 server with any number of domains? New
A-4) Yes, you can connect to your RED5 server simultaneously from any number of domains. However, your total connections are still counted per server (NOT per domains that you connect from).

Q-5) Can I record & store my streaming media on your RED5 server? New
A-5) Yes, you CAN store the recorded media on our RED5 server as long as it's within your storage quota. We always advice you to use the RED5 server's storage space as just a temporary storage for your recordings and you should move them out to your main web hosting server as soon as possible.

Q-6) Where does my video/music files get uploaded if I buy the RED5 Server WITHOUT your hosting package?
A-6) All your uploaded files are stored in your hosting account that you already have with your existing hosting provider. The files are NOT uploaded to GigaPros RED5 server. RED5 server only reads the files from your hosting account and converts them into Flash streams and then sends them back to your hosting server.

Q-7) Do I get "root" access to my RED5 server?
A-7) Yes, you do get full "root" access to your RED5 server. You root login information will be present in your RED5 activation email. You can connect to your RED5 server thru SSH or SFTP. You can use connection tools like Putty (command based) or WinSCP (nice interface based).

Q-8) Is there a delay or lag when my main website is hosted with another provider and RED5 is provided by GigaPros?
A-8) The answer depends on where your web hosting server is located, If it's located within USA, there should be no lag at all. But if your web hosting server is very far away from USA (like: in Singapore, Australia etc), then you may see some lag.
However, if you host your main website at GigaPros servers, you will ALWAYS get fastest connection by preventing any external network latencies. All our RED5 servers are run from high performance servers with high-speed network connecions. You will get the fastest possible RED5 servers at GigaPros.

Q-9) After I order a stand-alone RED5 server, how long do you take to activate it?
After you order your RED5 server from us (with or without hosting), it may take up to 24 hours (usually 1-2 hours) to activate your RED5 server. Once we activate your RED5 server, we will send you an email with your connection info.

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