How do I transfer my domain to you?

Here are the simple steps to transfer your domain to us:
1. Go to our Domain Registration page to see the prices & details.
2. Click on the appropriate link to register/transfer your domain to us.

NOTE: Transfer process may take 5-10 days to complete. This is absolutely normal.



There are four things that must be set up correctly on your domain, otherwise, the transfer will fail. You must check these four things before trying to do a transfer...

1. Your domain MUST be at least 60 days old with your current domain registrar. If it's less than 60 days old, the transfer process will fail.

2. If your domain is expired you cannot transfer it until you first renew it with the current registrar.

3. You must check to make sure if the email on your domain is correct. Once you start the transfer, your domain's email will be used for asking the permission to transfer the domain. If the email listed isn't your email or doesn't work, you will not be able to respond to our verification email and thus the domain transfer will fail.

4. You must make sure the domain is in the UNLOCKED status. If it is locked, even if you agree to the transfer, the transfer will fail.

You can check both of the above facts by going to: Once there, type your domain name (example: in the field labeled "Whois Lookup:" and click on Submit button. Find the line where it says "Administrative Contact:". This is where your correct email must be listed.

Now scroll down to the line where it says "Status:". If the status says "locked", you must get this changed to "unlocked" before doing the transfer.

To get the above changed, you must contact the registrar you bought your domain from. Most of the domain registrars provide control panels to do the above changes yourself.

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