Shared and Private RMS Acronyms

Host your website directly on RMS server
Private RMS server is actually a fully featured web hosting server, with a built-in RMS components. So, when you buy a Private RMS server, you do NOT need to buy a separate web hosting account. In the contrary, Shared RMS connections does NOT provide you a web hosting environment. And therefore, you must buy a separate web hosting account when you use Shared RMS connections.
Get super-fast LOCAL RMS connections
Since a Private RMS server can host your web site and your RMS components, the connection between your web scripts & RMS components are always established LOCALLY on the same physical server. As a result, you get super-fast & lag-free RMS connections. However, with a Shared RMS connection, your web scripts are located on a physically different server than your RMS components, as a result the external network may interfere with your RMS performance.
Max domains connecting to RMS account
RMS connections are specific to domain-names. For Shared RMS, you need to order separate accounts for your different domain names. However, for a Private RMS server, you can simply add the all your domain names in a special config file and all those domains will be able to connect to the same RMS server.
Un-interrupted RMS operation
With Shared RMS, your Dolphin Chat Room (or other RMS applications) may get restarted randomly. This happens when we have to add new customers to our Shared RMS system, which happens couple of times a day. Boonex have designed RMS in such a way that it needs to be restarted whenever a new domain is added to RMS configuration, and that's why we have to restart it. However, the Private RMS server is fully your's and is NOT shared by other customers. As a result, you get rock solid performance without any random disconnection of RMS while using a Private RMS server.

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