Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions about RMS

Q-1) What is RMS?
A-1) RMS stands for Ray Media Server. You need to connect to RMS to smoothly run your Boonex Ray Widgets. RMS is used ONLY by those customers who use Boonex products. For non-Boonex customers, RMS is of no use.
Q-2) Do you provide RMS connection?
A-2) Yes, we provide fastest & easiest RMS connection. You can either rent it with our hosting package, or rent it as a stand-alone service without our hosting package.

Q-3) Can I use RMS conection with an explicit adult site, which is hosted with another hosting provider? New
A-3) The is NO restriction on RMS usage based on your site content. So, if your adult site is hosted with another hosting provider, you can surely use our standalone RMS connection for your adult site.

Q-4) Is there any restriction on RMS connection that you provide? New
A-4) RMS connections are specific to, if you ordered your RMS connection for a domain "", you will NOT be able to use it for "". However, you can order an additional RMS connection for "" and then use it. Other that that, there is NO other restriction on the RMS connection at GigaPros. Your RMS connection comes with unmetered connections and unmetered bandwidth.

Q-5) Where does my video/music files get uploaded if I buy the RMS Connection WITHOUT hosting?
A-5) All your uploaded files are stored in your hosting account that you already have with your existing hosting provider. The files are NOT uploaded to GigaPros RMS server. RMS server only reads the files from your hosting account and converts them into Flash streams.

Q-6) If I by get RMS Comnnection WITHOUT hosting, what are my limits for storage & bandwidth?
A-6) You get unmetered bandwidth for your RMS Connection. And there's no storage involved because you do not upload  anything on your RMS account.

Q-7) How do I configure my RMS connection to run with my Boonex Dolphin?  New
A-7) Configuring your RMS connection is the easiest thing to do & takes only 1 minute. See the instructions here.

Q-8) Can I get stand-alone RMS connection at GigaPros?  New
A-8) Yes, we do provide stand alone RMS connection. If your Dolphin website is hosted with some other hosting provider and you just want a RMS connection (without moving your website to GigaPros), then you can simply rent your RMS connection from GigaPros. To rent a RMS connection, go to this page and see the section for Buy RMS WITHOUT Hosting.

Q-9) Which of the hosting plans at GigaPros support RMS & do I need "root" access to use RMS?
A-9) All the hosting plans at GigaPros support RMS Connection. You DO NOT need "root" access to use our RMS Connection. We provide truly plug-n-play RMS Connection. Click here to see how to use our RMS Connection.

Q-10) Is there a delay or lag when my main website is hosted with another provider and RMS is provided by GigaPros?
A-10) No, there is no delay or lag at all because this is how the RMS is designed to be used at the first place. All our RMS connections are run from high performance servers with high-speed network connecions. You will get the fastest possible RMS connection at GigaPros without any lag or delay.

Q-11) While ordering my RMS rental at GigaPros, it asks me for a domain  name. What should I enter?
A-11) When you order for RMS rental, we need to know the domain name where your Dolphin software is installed. For example, if your Dolphin is installed at URL , then just enter in the domain name field on the order page.

Q-12) After I order a stand-alone RMS connection, how long do you take to activate it?
After you order your RMS Connection from us (with or without hosting), it may take up to 24 hours (usually 1-2 hours) to activate your RMS connection. Once we activate your RMS connection, we will send you an email with your connection info
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