You can rent a RED5 Connection for your Rayzz here.

Once you rent a RED5 Connection from GigaPros, here are the steps to configure the RED5 Connection settings to use with your Rayzz software:

1) You must already have a Rayzz software installed & running on your hosting account. If not, please install Rayzz as instructed here.

2) Login to your Rayzz Administration section and click on link Edit Encoder Configuration.

3) On Video Encoder Details screen (see screen shot below), you need to enter your RED5 Connection information. You will receive this information from GigaPros thru an email, after your RED5 Connection is activated. Here's what you need to enter:

Red5 Server Path: <check this info in your RED5 activation email>
Red5 Flv Stored Path: <check this info in your RED5 activation email>

4) Click on the big Edit button at the bottom to save the settings.

5) You are all set! Now, your Rayzz will use our RED5 Connection successfully. Enjoy!

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