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Virtual Private Server is just like a dedicated server with full root access. But at the fraction of the price.


Rayzz Hosting

Get the fastest and easiest hosting highly optimized for Rayzz. Fully loaded with 1-click Dolphin installer, instant setup, UNLIMITED domains, RMS connection and strong protection against hackers.

What's Included?

GigaPros is a certified provider of Dolphin Hosting and all our hosting plans fully meet Boonex's technical requirements. At GigaPros, you do not need an expensive VPS or a Dedicated server to run your Dolphin website. You can simply run it on our shared hosting servers, which are fully managed by us & are very easy to use. We also provide high speed RMS connection, which is needed to smoothly run your Boonex Dolphin's Ray Widgets (like Video Chat, Whiteboard etc).

Take a peek at the Top Features

Bleeding-edge features on top of our enterprise grade Redmine Hosting platform.

Hacker Guard + Alert
Your website is always supposed to be YOUR's. Don't let a hacker ruin it. Our Shared Hosting platform is now equipped with Hacker Guard, which is a threat detection, intrusion prevention and alerting system. It's REALTIME monitoring system can detect and protect your website against 1 millon viruses, 10000 script exploits and 5000 web app vulnarabilities!

Our realtime protection system prevents all hacking attempts and alerts you instantly!

Fault Tolerant Cloud
Our Business Hosting plan is built on 100% pure cloud infrastructure, which delivers 99.99% uptime every month, GUARANTEED. Forget about losing revenues due to offline websites and just focus on your business. We have extensively deployed Fault Tolerance mechanisms to prevent any single-point-of-failure and we back it up via our Uptime SLA.

Our highly available cloud based infrastructure keeps your website online, ALWAYS!

Fastest SSD Storage
SSD hard drives improves performance of your website strikingly! These are important for critical business operations where multiple people are working on different elements, in parallel running websites. SSD storage gives you much quicker data access times making your website much more responsive. With our business class hosting, your website will be many times faster than any traditional setup.

Our Solid State Devices for data storage are 600% faster than a traditional hard drive!

100% Mobile Ready

Use our mobile apps to manage your web hosting accounts. It's easy, fast & fun! - View Demo

CDN Acceleration
CDN (Content Delivery Network) boosts the accessibility time of your website by globally caching your data, DNS and other factors that helps in increasing load time (very helpful for media streaming). It also distributes the traffic to different physical servers so that it doesn't affect the basic server where your website is hosted. In this way it also provides a layer of protection against DDoS.

Our CDN makes your website 200% faster by caching your static files across the globe!

Easy Control Panel
The WHM / cPanel is the fastest, most feature-rich control panel available today to fulfill all your needs. cPanel is a graphical web-based, web-hosting control panel, designed to ease up the administration of websites. You can manage email accounts, FTP Management, multiple database support with interfaces for easy management and much more!

Use our intuitive control panel to smoothly manage your hosting account! - View Demo

1-Click App Installer
Install over 350 web apps with just 1 click! It is as simple as that. Now try out multiple ecommerce based webstores before launching your new store. Not only that, upgrade/downgrade to a different versions of your favorite blog in just a few minutes. You can also backup your database as well as your entire website with 1-click too. With multiple language support, it's an amazing experience.

Install 350+ popular apps like WordPress & Joomla with just a mouse click! - View Demo

Premium Site Builder
Make a professional grade web site ready in hours! Choose your category and style, then pick a design. SiteBuilder will smartly create the appropriate Shared Hosting pages and images to match your category and style, built in WYSIWYG editor, multi-linguistic user interface and lots of extra features that will give you as well as your customers a completely different experience in website development.

Drag-n-drop to create a stunning web site with our 1200 premium templates! - View Demo

SEO Optimization Tools
We help your business succeed online with our powerful set of SEO & marketing tools. These tools are built right into your website's control panel and they deliver real results for experts and novices alike. It can create XML sitemaps, submit website to search engines, build backlinks, check for malware and do more. Get a wealth of SEO tips designed to push your website at the top of search ranking.

Build online presence for
your business with our
powerful SEO tools. Easy & effective!

8 Versions of PHP    
We understand your need for multiple PHP versions. Every website will have different needs. You can't afford to have different hosting plans for running different websites. Relax, we got it covered. Just get started and switch to different PHP versions whenever you need!! We are always up-to date with the latest versions: PHP 4.4.9, 5.0.5, 5.1.6, 5.2.17, 5.2.17 with Suhosin patch, 5.3.29, 5.4.45, and 7.0.0

Run multiple versions of PHP in different folders, all at once! Developers just love this feature.

Fastest PHP Cacher
Now improve the performance of your website by caching up the PHP pages in their pre-compiled state. What it really does is, it speeds up the execution time of your PHP scripts, which ultimately reduces the server load, as well as increases the speed of your PHP code execution by almost 10 times.

High speed PHP cacher,
caches PHP in their pre-compiled state to speed up webpage load time

Clear Upgrade Path

Once you outgrow shared hosting, seamlessly migrate to our higher products. No downtime.

Server Software

Your server comes with
latest LAMP stack having Apache, PHP, MySQL
and more. - See All PHP 4.4 to 5.4 & Apache 2.2
MySQL 5.1 & PostgreSQL
Python 2.6.6 & Perl 5.10.1
Zend Optimizer & IonCube
GD, ImageMagik & More....

Instant Activation

Get your account online,
within a couple of minutes,
no more unnecessary waiting time.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting Services - We have Got You Covered. Guaranteed.

Our 4x guarantees will give you peace of mind all the time

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not fully satisfied with our Personal or Business Hosting services, you can cancel within the first 30 days and get a full refund of your money. After 30 days, you can get a pro-rate refund upon cancellation. No questions asked.

Uptime Guarantee SLA

Enjoy a minimum of 99.9% uptime every month for Personal Hosting and 99.99% for Business Hosting. If it's any less than that, we'll credit your account with 1 day of free hosting for every 1 hour of downtime. It's that simple!

Zero Overselling Guarantee

We follow ONE simple rule: You get EXACTLY what you pay for. No excuses, no gimmicks, no lies. Since our servers are never overloaded, you may use 100% of your account resources without getting suspended.

1 Hour Response Guarantee

After we receive your new ticket, you will get the initial response from our support team member within 1 hour. This response will be from a human and NOT an automated response. Our support team works 24x7x365 for you.

Real Customers. Real Reviews.

Here are some feedbacks from our real clients, published on third-party verified website

Rayzz Hosting Plans & Prices

Which hosting product shall I use for Boonex?

Here's the comparison chart to pick the correct hosting product based on your needs and budget.

Shared Personal


Shared Business


VPS Server


Cloud Server


Dedicated Server


RMS Server Only

25 GB HDD 25 GB SSD 1 Core 1 Core 2 Cores 4 Cores
250 GB 250 GB Premium 1 GB RAM 2 GB RAM 4 GB RAM 8 GB
100 MBPS Uplink 100 MBPS Uplink 30 GB HDD 25 GB SSD 2X500 GB HDD 240 GB
Hacker Guard Hacker Guard 250 GB 250 GB Premium 5 TB Premium 2000 GB / mo
Mobile Ready PCI Ready 100mbps 100 MBPS Uplink 100 MBPS Uplink 10 MBPS Uplink
 Get Started  Get Started  Get Started  Get Started  Get Started  Get Started
Shared Personal ($10/month) 25 GB HDD 250 GB 100 MBPS Uplink Hacker Guard Mobile Ready  Get Started
Shared Business ($25/month) 25 GB SSD 250 GB Premium 100 MBPS Uplink Hacker Guard Hacker Guard  Get Started
VPS Server ($20/month) 1 Core 1 GB RAM 30 GB HDD 250 GB 100mbps  Get Started
Cloud Server ($65/month) 1 Core 2 GB RAM 25 GB SSD 250 GB Premium 100 MBPS Uplink  Get Started
Dedicated Server ($39/month) 2 Cores 4 GB RAM 2X500 GB HDD 5 TB Premium 100 MBPS Uplink  Get Started
RMS Server Only ($10/month) 4 Cores 8 GB RAM 240 GB 2000 GB / mo 10 MBPS Uplink  Get Started

Still Got Questions?

Perform the following steps to install Boonex Dolphin thru our one-click installer…
1) Login to your CPanel and click on the icon for Softaculous.
2) In the new window that opens up, scroll down and click on Dolphin link on the left column.
3) Click on Install link at the top.
4) Enter the details asked by the installation wizard and click on Install button.
5) Wait for the auto-installation to complete. Enjoy your new Boonex Dolphin!
TIPS: If you want to install your Boonex Dolphin directly in your www root folder (instead of installing it in a sub folder), simply set the field In Directory to BLANK.

Dolphin & Ray is fully supported in ALL out hosting plans. We have our own RMS server that you can connect to.After you rent your RMS Connection from GigaPros, you can easily configure your Dolphin software to use our RMS connection. See this instruction to learn how to configure your RMS connection.

Once you rent a RMS Connection from GigaPros, here are the steps to configure the RMS Connection settings to use with your Dolphin software:
1) You must already have a Dolphin software installed & running on your hosting account. If not, please install Dolphin as instructed here.
2) Login to your Dolphin Administration and go to Plugins >> Ray Suite. A new browser window will be opened automatically to show your Ray Suite settings.
3) On the Ray Suite settings window, click on Base Settings icon at the top. A new popup window will be opened automatically to show your Ray Base Settings.
4) On the Ray Base Settings window, you need to enter your RMS Connection information. You will receive this information from GigaPros thru an email, after your RMS Connection is activated. See More

The is NO restriction on RMS usage based on your site content. So, if your adult site is hosted with another hosting provider, you can surely use our standalone RMS connection for your adult site.

RMS connections are specific to domain-names…so, if you ordered your RMS connection for a domain “abc.com”, you will NOT be able to use it for “xyz.com”. However, you can order an additional RMS connection for “xyz.com” and then use it. Other that that, there is NO other restriction on the RMS connection at GigaPros. Your RMS connection comes with unmetered connections and unmetered bandwidth.

You get unmetered bandwidth for your RMS Connection. And there’s no storage involved because you do not upload anything on your RMS account.

After you order your RMS Connection from us (with or without hosting), it may take up to 24 hours (usually 1-2 hours) to activate your RMS connection. Once we activate your RMS connection, we will send you an email with your connection info

No, there is no delay or lag at all because this is how the RMS is designed to be used at the first place. All our RMS connections are run from high performance servers with high-speed network connections. You will get the fastest possible RMS connection at GigaPros without any lag or delay.

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Personal Plan: Choose Your Billing Period

Save 25%

Save 21%

Save 14%

Save 5%


VPS-2 GB: Choose Your Billing Period

Save 25%

Save 15%

Save 10%


Business Plan: Choose Your Billing Period

Save 25%

Save 15%

Save 10%


Cloud-2GB: Choose Your Billing Period

Save 25%

Save 20%

Save 10%


Cloud 4GB: Choose Your Billing Period

Save 25%

Save 20%

Save 10%


Cloud 8GB: Choose Your Billing Period

Save 25%

Save 15%


Cloud 16GB: Choose Your Billing Period

Save 15%


VPS-1 GB: Choose Your Billing Period

Save 25%

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Save 10%


VPS-4 GB: Choose Your Billing Period

Save 25%

Save 15%

Save 10%


VPS-8GB: Choose Your Billing Period

Save 25%

Save 15%

Save 10%


1 month pre-payment: No discount
3 months pre-payment: 10% discount
6 months pre-payment: 15% discount (MOST POPULAR)
12 months pre-payment: 25% discount (BEST DEAL)

VPS-4GB: Choose Your Billing Period

Save 60%

Save 45%

Save 35%

Save 15%

No Discount

FREE Domain Registration ($15/yr value)
FREE Private Nameservers ($12/yr value)
** With 12 or 24 months Pre-Payment

1 month pre-payment: No discount
3 months pre-payment: 5% discount
6 months pre-payment: 10% discount
12 months pre-payment: 15% discount (MOST POPULAR)
24 months pre-payment: 25% discount (BEST DEAL)

Extra disk space used over 25 GB will be billed at $0.50/GB Extra

bandwidth used over 250 GB will be billed at $0.05/GB

Extra disk space used over 25 GB will be billed at $0.75/GB Extra

bandwidth used over 250 GB will be billed at $0.075/GB

FREE Domain Registration ($15/yr value)
FREE Private Nameservers ($12/yr value)
FREE Dedicated IP ($35/yr value)
FREE SSL Certificate ($30/yr value)
** With 12 or 24 months Pre-Payment

Extra disk space used over 40 GB will be billed at $1.50/GB

Extra bandwidth used over 400 GB will be billed at $0.15/GB