How do I create a mailing list?

A mailing list can simplify sending messages to a large group of people.
You can add a group of email addresses to a mailing list to avoid typing
in those addresses each time a mailing is sent. This can be very useful
when sending newsletters or other updates to large groups of people.

Create A Mailing List


  1. Set the following:
    • List Name - Enter the name of your new mailing
    • Password - Enter the password to your new mailing
    • Domain - Select the domain you want your new mailing
      list to be used on from the drop down menu.
  2. Click on the Add Mailing List button.
  3. When the page loads, you should see a confirmation statement. Click
    on the Go Back Link.
  4. You will see a two-column table consisting of the following information:
    • List Name - This entry is the name of the mailing
      list you entered in Step 1 above.
    • Functions - You have three functions available.
      • Delete - Click on the Delete link
        to delete the associated mailing list.
      • Change Password - Click on the Change
        to modify/change the associated mailing list's
      • Modify - Click on the Modify link
        to configure, manage, and use your new mailing list. The mailing
        list manager uses a third-party web based application called
        Mailman. You will need to enter the password for the mailing
        list you created in Step 1 above and then configure your new
        mailing list according to Mailman's instructions at one of
        the following locations:

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