2 Stunning usage of Red5 server

People could benefit from Red5 with the ways they want to use it. Its ability to stream media finds many usages in different fields. Check out these Open Source softwares, best known for their unique uses and powerful performance with a Red5 server.For Education

Online teaching was never this easy before. This is not just any one-to-one teaching software, with BigBlueButton a single teacher could easily manage large number of students, individually. Online teaching software like BigBlueButton is designed for having a complete conversation that takes place during a class. Demonstrating presentations, teacher-student conversations, one-to-many conversations and even one-to-one private conversations. It is like having a regular class; the difference is that you are having it form your desktop.

For Business

Not just big and multinational companies need it, but an Open Source online collaboration has become the need of the hour. Every company, let it be small or big, could lift their business with it. The developers of Openmeetings have considered every aspects from every angle to develop a software that will everyone. It’s a complete collaboration in every way. It supports every popular format for office documents, you could also translate them into other languages. Showing and sharing of works and there are much more.

And how Red5 server helps –

As written earlier, Red5 server is the best possible solution for streaming media. It is open source and supports all the popular audio/video formats and cost you nothing. Along with streaming, Red5 could also record live media streams, which becomes very essential when you are using education or business related software where you have to rely on your previous steps for future actions. So, if you are considering to move ahead with these software, then a Red5 hosting is the best possible option.

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