GigaPros introduces CloudFlare

It is a pleasure for us to announce that recently we have started providing CloudFlare with our shared servers (Planet, Shark and Sandy). Though CloudFlare has an immense popularity and its well known for its services, but for those of our customers, who are new to this, below are few key features of CloudFlare. Further, there is a small video which will help you to understand the basics of CloudFlare, click here.

Benefits of CloudFlare

1. CloudFlare is considered as the next-gen CDN (Content Delivery Network). A content delivery network helps us to serve content to end-users with high availability and high performance. For more details about CDN, please click here.

2. Protection is the second prime factor with CloudFlare. It is well known for protecting against SQL injection as well as DDOS. It also stops spammers from posting spams to your site and blocks known malicious threats from accessing your site. Security levels can be customized according to user’s choice. It can also block individual IPs or IP ranges or even visitors from specific countries.

3. CloudFlare is a well known optimizer. It optimizes your web pages to minimize the number of network connections and make sure that the third party resources are not responsible for slowing down the site. It makes subsequent pages load lightning fast by pre-loading your site’s most requested content into your visitors’ browsers during idle moments. It also saves bandwidth by serving the static content of a website directly from their data-centers. In this way it covers up any latency (if there is any because of the server) and start loading the contents from its own datacenter. For complete information, click here.

Installing CloudFlare in your website
As we have already installed CloudFlare on our servers, so it is just a matter of activating it upon a website. Here are the steps for activating in your websites –
1. Login to your Cpanel
2. Filter for “CloudFlare” or you will find it under the category “Software/Services”
3. Click on the CloudFlare icon and a page will open with “CloudFlare” Admin interface.
4. If by any chance it is activated earlier then the cloud icon on the right end will be orange in color. Otherwise, if not activated, it will be gray in color.
5. Click on the gray cloud, it will initiate the activation process. Once its done,the gray cloud will turn to orange.

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