Add video to your chat rooms with Red5 server

With the growing concept of speeding dating and online dating, today’s chat rooms are not just limited to chatting. The simple ability to upload and share videos could create much more charming and positive effects among the users. Red5-recorder is a simple open source software just to record video and to play it back. It is completely customizable, form managing frame size to the time of playing and recording and there is no need to remind you about the ability of simple tools over the complex ones.Red5-recoder deployed on a Red5 server gives your website the complete freedom for streaming live media. A Red5 server is a media streaming server. It is open source and could do all that Adobe FMS can do. It supports all the popular formats for audio/video streaming, recording, live stream publishing, and Flash remoting. So, for your website, a Red5 hosting would be an appropriate solution if you want it to perform well with the growing number of users.

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