Create your own meeting rooms with Red5 server

Online conference or web conference has become the most useful medium in today’s corporate world. Not only the multinationals but companies of any dimensions rely on this since it is the easiest and fastest way out.Openmeetings is a open source web-conferencing software which allows every user to see each other’s screen who are present in the meeting room. It let them to share their views and documents. There are also whiteboards where you could draw or edit and add pictures to it. It also allows you to invite new participants in the meeting room and also to save the meeting progress for further use.

When there is a need of media streaming, nothing is better than a Red5 server. Red5 is an open source media streaming server for Adobe flash. It support all the popular audio/video formats and could also record live media streams.

Softwares like Openmeetings could become boon for your company if cried out with the proper Red5 hosting combination. Try it out, you will be delighted.

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