Deliver online learning content with red5 server

Due to the Web World, our shrinking world has seen ideas which were once beyond our imagination. Just consider the case of learning. It was quite a challenge for most of the student to go abroad to there preferred universities in the past decade. But now, with online learning, they could make there dream come true. Popular universities also preferred this way of teaching.

With the help of the open source software like BigBlueButton not only teaching but focusing on the learning contents increases a lot. It is a big challenge to create a teaching environment within the limits of your monitor. But with multiple user webcams, voice conferencing and screen sharing they have done this job superbly. With powerful software, there also comes the need for powerful servers. BigBlueButton perform greatly with Red5 server, since it needs media streaming for audio/video conferences and with every growing number of students the need also grows higher.

Red5 is an open source media streaming server and can do everything that Adobe FMS can do, only the latter costs a lot. With software like BigBlueButton and proper Red5 hosting solutions you could give new directions to online teaching and learning.

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