Do more business with OpenMeetings and Red5 server

OpenMeetings is one of the leading open source software in the field of online business collaborations and webinars. Different people have different requirements, different strategies and different ways to implement them. OpenMeetings allows you to manage your meetings in the way you want to; provide you multiple language support, allow you whiteboard with every possible usage and you could even invite others in an ongoing meeting.

The only huddle which will arise in using OpenMeetings is the ability of the server. For an online collaboration there is a need of streaming media. Only a hosting account with Red5 hosting could be considered as the most suitable option. Since, Red5 servers are free, open source, strong and can be compared with the Adobe FMS in features and capabilities. Noting is better than a Red5 server when it comes to streaming media, recording of audio/video, live stream publishing, and Flash remoting.

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