Give new dimensions to your chat rooms with Red5 server

If you are running an online dating or chatting website and want to add a bit more entertainment to your site users then, Red5-recorder is just the thing you are looking for. It is the simplest possible Open Source software for recording video and watching them without any additional plugins. It also provides your site user to use audio chat as well. As its source code is open, you could also customize it to the full extent by modifying its features.

The only thing it requires is a Red5 server. Red5-recorder is designed to work with Red5 server. A Red5 server is Open Source Flash Media Server. It streams live media and supports all the widely used audio/video formats. It is also better that an Adobe FMS, since both deliver the same performance but Red5 is Open Source which makes it more valuable. But it is also true that best experience could only be gained after experiencing it, so have a Red5 hosting and experience the difference yourself.

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