Learning platform with BigBlueButton and Red5 server

Today online educational software finds there way easily into distance education. Doing this is not only effective but also cost efficient because they don’t have to set-up study centers or learning centers in the remote places. Students could easily attend their classes form there desktops or laptops. BigBlueButton is free open source software where the developers have tried to give distance education the look of a ‘regular class’. What makes it really useful is its ability to teach multi students simultaneously. Students could easily convey their messages to the entire class or even could have private chats. They could ask questions and point out suggestions. These features make the class very much active and also develop focus on studies.

Where there is the need of streaming live videos, there is the need of a Flash Media Server. For this you could entirely depend on Red5 server. A Red5 server is an open source server for streaming media; for more info, click here. The basic reason for using Red5 server is that it is free and the best alternative for Adobe FMS (Flash Media Server). Since it’s free, so trying it will do harm. Hope it will also fit into your organization.

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