How much money would YOU lose if your site gets HACKED?

How secure is your website?

Have you ever imagined how much money would you lose if your website gets hacked? Your website is always supposed to be YOUR’s. Don’t let a hacker take control and ruin it

On an average, about 30,000 new websites are hacked everyday by cyber criminals (source: Sophos Labs). Majority of these 30,000 sites are legitimate personal websites or small businesses, just like yours.You may lose thousands of dollars, or even more over your hacked website. CAN YOU AFFORD IT?

Here’s a checklist of what you may lose:

  • Lost revenues due to no sale of your products on broken site.
  • Lost visitors to your website due to Google’s blacklisting.
  • Lost expenses to settle legal suits for data compromise.
  • Lost revenues of your adsense income due to lost visitors.
  • Lost expenses to repair and cleanup your website.
  • Lost reputation due to broken or defaced website.
  • Lost future sales due to your website’s tarnished reputation.

How to protect your website from getting hacked?

Your website is as secure as your web hosting provider’s security infrastructure. Can your hosting provider detect, prevent and alert you about any hacking attempts in REALTIME, without charging you an INSANE amount of money? 80% of providers CAN’T! Surprising eh? But why? Because it’s very expensive and complex to implement an anti­hacker system on a low budget shared hosting platform. Ummm…so, what’s the solution then?


Meet the new Hacker Guard system at!

The Shared Hosting Platform at is equipped with powerful Hacker Guard, which is a threat detection, intrusion prevention and alerting system. It’s REALTIME monitoring system can detect and protect your website against 1 million viruses and over 10,000 script exploits! The Hacker Guard will send you REALTIME email alerts while it blocks hacking attempts on your website. Do you consider your domain worth protecting from getting hacked? If yes, try Hacker Guard just once and you’ll be hooked to the peace of mind that comes with it. Oh yes,it’s within your budget too!


Wanna see Hacker Guard in action?

Just get a Shared Hosting Account at and try to upload ANY malware to test the Hacker Guard. Here’s an example of publicly available script that’s used by many hackers to penetrate your hosting account Simply extract it and upload it to your GigaPros hosting account to see the Hacker Guard swing into action. You would just love the protection and the peace of mind that comes with it. If you are not 100% satisfied, just ask us for 100% refund within 30 days. No questions asked!

Try Hacker Guard Now…

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