New RMS Server to be launched

This notification applies to only those customers at GigaPros, who have rented RMS connection thru GigaPros.

What & Why?
Currently, the pysical server that serves RMS connections, is also being used for web hosting puposes. As we are now having quite a lot of customers solely for RMS connections, we are now moving the RMS server to a completely standalone/separate server, which will be used to serve RMS connections ONLY (& not web hosting). This will further increase the speed & reliability of your RMS connections.

We plan to finish the implementation of separate RMS server by Nov-20-2008.

Once we fully implement our new RMS server, we will email all our RMS customers with the new RMS info that they can plug into their RAY BASE and start enjoying the new RMS server immediately.

If you have any questions, please open a support ticket for our Sales Team and we’ll gladly answer all your questions.

**UPDATED Nov-20-2008**

As promised, the new RMS server has been launched today. The existing customers at GigaPros will be emailed with the new RMS info today. Please use the new RMS info and plug it in into your RAY BASE Plugin Settings to start using the new RMS server right away.

IMPORTANT — The old RMS server will be de-comissioned on Nov-30-2008. Therefore, please make sure that you cut-over to the new RMS server before that date.

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