Free software for online interactions using RED5 server

Today open source softwares are readily available and are not hard to find. For making an audio/video conversation going live on your website, you don’t have to compromise much out of your pocket. A RED5 server along with a proper software implementation could do wonders to your website; let it be a social collaboration or community, or online dating, chatting or even for business and educational related website. RED5 is well known for its ability to stream “live media” without any glitches. It supports all the popular audio/video formats with media streaming, recording, publishing and remoting. Here are a few softwares of your interest –

Red5chat –
Red5chat provide you all the necessary requirements that you could imagine to develop you website. It is open source software, so you could make your necessary improvements too. The best part is that there is no need for extra plugins or add-ons. Check out for complete info.

Openmeetings –
Openmeetings is simply designed for online conference. Apart form screen and document sharing, it also let you to record and save them. It also supports all the popular document files and allows the user to edit images on whiteboard by just dragging and dropping them. With multi-linguistic support it also translates your language to the one you desired. More on

Red5-recorder –
For recording and playing it back, there is nothing better than red5-recorder. Download it, customized it and use it as per your needs because this is also a open source software. For complete detail visit

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