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If you own a website and run communities along with chats then you also know how tough it could get to manage live audio/video steaming within limited resources. It directly affects your site traffic because people won’t be happy if they get stuck every now and then. But here could be a possible solution where you and your site users will get complete freedom.To be a popular and handy software in today’s world, it has to come with low installation hazards, less plugins or add-ons, it should also perform well with other softwares and lastly it must be of Open Source; And red5chat is all about this. Combine this with a RED5 server, and you have all what you need! There is no need for additional video or audio plugins even there is no need any other software. Customize it to the full extent according to your requirements of design or graphical content. Add new features to it, get multi-language chat support and design your chat room with multi-webcams at the same time. Check out the complete details on

For online video chat there are many open source, customized, webcam to help you out with it but there is also the need for a proper server support. RED5 does a great job for online video streaming. It supports all the popular audio/video formats like FLV, mp4, AAC, mp3 and disseminates live videos greatly. And here in GigaPros, we always try to provide perfect solution and liberty to our customers so that they could take there business to there best.

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