How do I setup my RMS Connection?

You can rent a RMS Connection here.

Once you rent a RMS Connection from GigaPros, here are the steps to configure the RMS Connection settings to use with your Dolphin software:

1) You must already have a Dolphin software installed & running on your hosting account. If not, please install Dolphin as instructed here.

2) Login to your Dolphin Administration and go to Plugins >> Ray Suite. A new browser window will be opened automatically to show your Ray Suite settings.

3) On the Ray Suite settings window, click on Base Settings icon at the top. A new popup window will be opened automatically to show your Ray Base Settings.

4) On the Ray Base Settings window, you need to enter your RMS Connection information. You will receive this information from GigaPros thru an email, after your RMS Connection is activated. Here's what you need to enter:

Your site name: Your Site Description. You can enter anything here, it doesn't matter.
Use RMS: <Select the checkbox>
RMS Address: <Get this IP from your RMS activation email>
RMS Port: <Get this port number from your RMS activation email>
RMS HTTP Port: <Get this port number from your RMS activation email>

5) Click on the big Save button at the bottom. Click OK to save the settings.

6) After clicking on OK, if you DO NOT get any error message, it means that you have correctly entered RMS connection info in your RAY Plugin Settings and our RMS Connection is properly communicating with your Dolphin.

But, if you DO GET any error message after clicking on OK, it means that your Dolphin is NOT connecting with our RMS Connection. In that case, simply open a ticket for our support department and we'll take a look at it. Remember to mension your Dolphin URL and Admin login info in the ticket, so that we may login to your Dolphin & resolve this issue.

7) You are all set! Now, all your Ray Widgets will use our RMS connection successfully. Enjoy!

If you get video/audio uploading error, check this article.

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