How do I point my Godaddy domain to GigaPros VPS?

If your domain is registered with Godaddy and you have bought a VPS or a Dedicated Server at GigaPros, you will need to follow the steps below to point your domain to your new VPS / Dedicated Server.

1) Before you start with the steps below, open your VPS / Dedicated Server Activation Email that you received from GigaPros and locate the section for Allocated IPs in that email. Pick any 2 IPs from that list. If you just got 1 IP, you may use the same IP for BOTH of your nameservers (DNS).

2) Now, visit Godaddy at and enter your login info at the top of the screen.

3) After you login to your Godaddy account, locate the Domains section (in the middle of the page). And then click on  link next to the domain name for which you want to configure the DNS.

4) In the list of domains, locate the domain name for which you want to configure the Private DNS and click on Advanced Details link. This will open the Domain Information screen.

5) On Domain Information screen, scroll down to locate the Host Summary section and click on add link next to it. You will get a popup window named Set Host and IP Addresses.

6) On Set Host and IP Addresses screen, enter ns1 in the Host Name field. And enter the first IP in the Host IP 1 field. This first IP will come from step #1 above. Click on OK button.

7) Again click on add link in Host Sumary section to go to Set Host and IP Addresses screen. Enter ns2 in the Host Name field. And enter the second IP in the Host IP 2 field. This second IP will come from step #1 above. Click on OK button.

8) Now, on Domain Information screen, locate the Nameservers section and click on Set Nameserver. You will get a pop window named  Set Nameservers.

9) On  Set Nameservers screen, select the option:  I have specific nameservers for my domain . And then enter in the field Nameserver 1...and enter in the field Nameserver 2. Remember to replace with your ACTUAL domain name. Click on OK button.

10) You are all done. Your domain now points to your GigaPros VPS / Dedicated Server. However, you must wait for 24-48 hours for your new DNS to fully propagate & start working correctly.

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