ALPHA VPS Server Down

ALPHA server went down 2 minutes ago. We are investigating the cause. We will keep you updated thru this blog. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

*** UPDATED 9/12/2010 2PM ***
Server is now back online. It again had a kernel panic like the one during last week. We suspect that HDD is the cause. We did not change HDD last time because it takes a LOT of time to clone the HDD to a new one.

We are now evaluating the course of action about whether to move all the VPS’es to another physical server, or to just change the HDD. We will keep you updated thru this blog.

*** UPDATED 9/12/2010 4PM ***
We have decided to move all VPS’es to a new server. This will eliminate the risk of repeating the same issue again. We will contact you thru email and discuss the process of your VPS migration.

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