Saturn & Storm: Corrupted MBR

On a routine audit, we found that the MBR (Master Booting Record) on the hard drives of the servers “Saturn” (VPS) and “Storm” (shared) got corrupted. It means that if the servers are rebooted the server’s OS will not work because its partition is destroyed. We first tired to fix it but it seems not possible. Now we are in the process of migrating the VPS containers as well as the shared hosting accounts out of their respective servers.

We expect to fix this issue within next 24 hours. People will be facing downtime due to this, but there is no data loss. However there is a possiblity that this might take more than 24 hrs to fix complete as the amount of data is quite huge.

We deeply regret this situation and are sorry for the inconvenience caused. We will keep updating this post with every ongoing development. Please subscribe to get automatic updates.


UPDATE: The shared server “Storm” is now restored completely. The restoration of the server “Saturn” is going on, we are done 25% of the restoration.

UPDATE: This crisis is now fully resolved. The migration was already completed 48 hrs ago. We were monitoring the containers and the server health for past 48 hrs to make sure that everything is working fine.

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