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Need A Custom Server?
No problem! Just send us the server specification that you want, from "here". We will let you know the price quote for your custom server as soon as possible.

Take a peek at the Top Features

Bleeding-edge features on top of our enterprise grade Red5 hosting platform

Scale and Resize
Start resizing your VPS in just minutes. You can resize your VPS depending on your needs, like scale-up your VPS when you are expecting more traffic or your team is in developing mode and scale-down during off-sales seasons or during long holidays. All our VPSes are billied on daily basis, so will only have to pay for difference in the plans only (i.e. while scaling-up) and while saling-down, the extra amount will be credited to your account.

Scale and resize your anytime to handle the increase or decrease in your site traffic.

Clone Your VPS
Why do you need cloning? Basically, a clone of your VPS is helpful when you are testing and don't want any trouble with your current VPS and its settings. It is also helpful in backuping up your data on a specific point so that you can use it to restore back. When you create a clone your VPS and deploy a new VPS with the cloned one, its ready for your testing.

Clone your entire VPS to a perfect mirror image. Deploy the mirror image as a new VPS.

Easy Control Panel
You can fully control your VPS via our easy-to-use online web app. Check out the demo. Here's the list of VPS management operations that you can do yourself online: Start VPS, Stop VPS, Reboot VPS, View Usage Statistics, OS Re-install and more.

Use our intuitive control panel to smoothly manage your VPS server! - View Demo

1-Click OS Reinstall
GigaPros provides a wide range of Operating systems with their latest as well as the most popular versions. Whenever you feel the necessity, you can change your OS directly from your member's area. Just select the OS from the dropdown list and hit 'Reinstall'. Please note that reinstalling will rebuild your box and all your previous data will be lost, maintain a backup if necessary.

Rebuild your server with CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora & more with just a click! - View Demo Demo Coming Soon...

Daily Billing
At GigaPros, your VPS is billed on daily basis. Once you order any email hosting services, you start by paying for the entire month. But the payment is calculated on a prorated billing of daily basis. This is most helpful when you are planning for scaling-up or scaling-down your VPS. For more details, please check the feature's section "Scale and Resize".

We bill Servers by the day. That means, scale up/down and pay only for the days you use.

Fully Managed Hosting
Apart from providing free migration, our support team also helps you out with troubleshooting of extensions, plugins and templates of popular scripts. We also provide extensive knowledge base and articles, the "self-help" material, so that you can rely and benefit on them. Support is most essential part of any service and we know it, that's why let us handle your troubles, so that you focus on your job.

Our 24/7 support team manages your box, so that you may focus on building your business.

Built for Reliability
For the best protection and fastest Input/Output ratio, all our virtual containers are backed by RAID 10. RAID 10 is fast and crash proof and works by striping and mirroring your data across at least four disks.

Our Server are protected with RAID-10 storage, ECC RAM and fully redundant network & power.

Clear Upgrade Path
We deploy another layer of virualization over the conventional virtualization layer of VPS server, it is called 'Seamless Migration Layer'. It allows you to migrate to a Cloud or a Dedicated server rapidly, even though if its deployed on a different enviornment entirely. Our migration Layer helps you in migration without any glitches. or reconfiguring a single custom configuration.

Once you outgrow your box, seamlessly migrate to our cloud or dedicated hosting. No downtime.

End-user Support
Coming soon...

We help YOUR clients
under YOUR brand name with our 24/7 White Label Support!

Full Root Access

You get 100% administrative access to your Server. Manage it the way you like! No restrictions.

Developer Tools

Control your VPS with your own script using our API. Use CLI for advanced VPS management.

Usage Metrics
Now monitor your VPS directly from your control panel, no need to logging into your VPS's console. The system level monitoring includes, the daily usage of your VPS's bandwidth, RAM and CPU; the basic necessities for checking the VPS's performance which help you in micromanaging those apps that needs tweaking to obtain the best performance for your VPS.

Keep your VPS running smoothly with actionable statistics from your system usage metrics.

Instant Activation
GigaPros uses the best virtualizing technology to ensure the fastest VPS setup. This is a fully automated process, where no human intervention is required. The entire VPS setup takes only a minute or two (VPS with control panel takes 5 to 10 mins extra). Deploying a VPS is totally hassle free. We ensure fast delivery of VPSes so that you can start working almost instantly after you paid for it.

Get your VPS online, within a couple of minutes, no more unnecessary waiting time.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting Services - We have Got You Covered. Guaranteed.

Our 4x guarantees will give you peace of mind all the time

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not fully satisfied with our Personal or Business Hosting services, you can cancel within the first 30 days and get a full refund of your money. After 30 days, you can get a pro-rate refund upon cancellation. No questions asked.

Uptime Guarantee SLA

Enjoy a minimum of 99.9% uptime every month for Personal Hosting and 99.99% for Business Hosting. If it's any less than that, we'll credit your account with 1 day of free hosting for every 1 hour of downtime. It's that simple!

Zero Overselling Guarantee

We follow ONE simple rule: You get EXACTLY what you pay for. No excuses, no gimmicks, no lies. Since our servers are never overloaded, you may use 100% of your account resources without getting suspended.

1 Hour Response Guarantee

After we receive your new ticket, you will get the initial response from our support team member within 1 hour. This response will be from a human and NOT an automated response. Our support team works 24x7x365 for you.

Real Customers. Real Reviews.

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Email Hosting Plans & Prices

What's different among these Email Hosting plans?

Here's the comparison chart to pick the best email hosting plan based on your needs and budget.

VPS Server


Cloud Server


Dedicated Server

CPU vCore1 Core2 Cores2 Cores
Memory (RAM)1 GB4 GB4 GB RAM
Storage Space30 GB50 GB1 TB HDD
Bandwidth250 GB / mo500 GB / moUnmetered
Uplink Speed1 Gbit / sec1 Gbit / sec1000 MBPS uplink
 Get Started  Get Started  Get Started
VPS Server ($20/month)1 Core1 GB30 GB250 GB / mo1 Gbit / sec  Get Started
Cloud Server ($65/month)2 Cores4 GB50 GB500 GB / mo1 Gbit / sec  Get Started
Dedicated Server ($39/month)2 Cores4 GB RAM1 TB HDDUnmetered1000 MBPS Uplink  Get Started

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Personal Plan: Choose Your Billing Period

Save 25%

Save 21%

Save 14%

Save 5%


VPS-2 GB: Choose Your Billing Period

Save 25%

Save 15%

Save 10%


Business Plan: Choose Your Billing Period

Save 25%

Save 15%

Save 10%


Cloud-2GB: Choose Your Billing Period

Save 25%

Save 20%

Save 10%


Cloud 4GB: Choose Your Billing Period

Save 25%

Save 20%

Save 10%


Cloud 8GB: Choose Your Billing Period

Save 25%

Save 15%


Cloud 16GB: Choose Your Billing Period

Save 15%


VPS-1 GB: Choose Your Billing Period

Save 25%

Save 15%

Save 10%


VPS-4 GB: Choose Your Billing Period

Save 25%

Save 15%

Save 10%


VPS-8GB: Choose Your Billing Period

Save 25%

Save 15%

Save 10%


1 month pre-payment: No discount
3 months pre-payment: 10% discount
6 months pre-payment: 15% discount (MOST POPULAR)
12 months pre-payment: 25% discount (BEST DEAL)

VPS-4GB: Choose Your Billing Period

Save 60%

Save 45%

Save 35%

Save 15%

No Discount

FREE Domain Registration ($15/yr value)
FREE Private Nameservers ($12/yr value)
** With 12 or 24 months Pre-Payment

1 month pre-payment: No discount
3 months pre-payment: 5% discount
6 months pre-payment: 10% discount
12 months pre-payment: 15% discount (MOST POPULAR)
24 months pre-payment: 25% discount (BEST DEAL)

Extra disk space used over 25 GB will be billed at $0.50/GB Extra

bandwidth used over 250 GB will be billed at $0.05/GB

Extra disk space used over 25 GB will be billed at $0.75/GB Extra

bandwidth used over 250 GB will be billed at $0.075/GB

FREE Domain Registration ($15/yr value)
FREE Private Nameservers ($12/yr value)
FREE Dedicated IP ($35/yr value)
FREE SSL Certificate ($30/yr value)
** With 12 or 24 months Pre-Payment

Extra disk space used over 40 GB will be billed at $1.50/GB

Extra bandwidth used over 400 GB will be billed at $0.15/GB