Network Information

Servers and Equipments

We fully own our servers & network equipment. We have our own server racks at multiple datacenters & we colocate with them. The datacenters provide us their network infrastructure & we install our own servers on their network. The main reason for using multiple datacenters is to prevent any single point of network failure. This way, the entire GigaPros network will never be down if any one of the datacenters faces an unexpected network outage. Since we always use premium datacenters only, it's extremely rare that any datacenter is ever going to face any major network outage at all.

Datacenters and Facilities

Our servers are equally diversified among multiple physical datacenters. This diversification prevents complete failure of the entire GigaPros network if any of the datacenters face an unexpected outage. These are all high-quality premium datacenters with support staff always available onsite 24x7x365.

Datacenter Locations

Datacenter Locations

  • Dallas (USA)
  • Denver (USA)
  • Chicago (USA)

  • Network Hardware

    • Multiple Redundant Gigabit Ethernet links to all datacenters 
    • Fully Redundant Cisco-6509 Sup-720 distribution switches 
    • Redundant Gigabit Ethernet links to each of the rack switches 
    • All rack switches are Cisco-2960 48-Port 10/100

    • Power System & Cooling

      • Electrical power feed of 2500 kVA
      • ASCO Closed Transition Transfer Switch 
      • Multiple 1250 kVA Kohler Diesel Generators 
      • Generator Paralleling Switchgear from Kohler
      • Multiple Powerware-9315 500 kVA UPS 
      • PDU Units from Liebert
      • Cooling with Multiple Liebert 20 and 22 Tons Upflow AC Units 

      • Security

        • Multiple CCTV security cameras that cover all entrances and datacenter space 
        • Controlled access to site entrance thru electronic perimeter access card system 
        • Site remotely monitored by third party security company

Bandwidth Providers

The above datacenters connect their networks thru multiple bandwidth providers. There are redundant core routers, core distribution switches, and carrier diversity. In the unlikely event of an equipment failure, the network will still continue to perform optimally.

What happens if a server goes down? 

GigaPros monitors ALL it's server every 1-minute. So, in the rare case of an unexpected server outage, our support techs will be automatically alerted within 1 minute of the outage. As soon as our team gets alerted, they will immediately contact the affected datacenter and work with them to resolve the issue immediately. We will post about the outage status at our Announcement Forum and you will automatically get an email alert if you are subscribed to our announcement forum. During this entire process, you will remain fully informed about the status of the outage and what we are doing to fix it.