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Dedicated Server

We offer affordable dedicated servers hosting, along with full server management by our in-house 24/7 expert support team. Our data centers are located across the USA and Europe, with redundant power backups and premium bandwidth.

Included in Our Cheap Dedicated Servers:

Cheap dedicated server with full root access, customized exactly the way you want. And we back our servers with true 24/7 expert support. No excuses!

Server Management

Free Site Migration

Seamless Migration

Free OS Re-installs

Tier-1 Bandwidth

And Much More!

Pricing for Dedicated Servers

We have cheap dedicated web hosting across the USA & Europe

Here's the comparison chart to pick the correct dedicated server plans based on your needs and budget

CPU NameCPU ThreadsCPU Score


Storage Drive(s)Storage Type Network Speed   Bandwidth / moLocationPrice/moBuy Online
CPU Brand Intel Atom C2350 SKU-510025324 GB1 x 1 TBSATA100 MbpsUnmeteredEurope$ 49Add To Cart
CPU Brand AMD Opteron X2150 SKU-5200419118 GB1 x 1 TBSATA1000 MbpsUnmeteredEurope$ 65Add To Cart
CPU Brand Intel Atom C2750 SKU-53008277516 GB1 x 1 TBSATA1000 MbpsUnmeteredEurope$ 82Add To Cart
CPU Brand Intel i7-4770 SKU-54008702832 GB2 x 2 TBSATA1000 MbpsUnmeteredEurope$ 132Add To Cart
CPU Brand Intel i7-6700 SKU-55008807064 GB2 x 2TBSATA1000 MbpsUnmeteredEurope$ 165Add To Cart
CPU Brand Intel E5-1650v2 SKU-5600129300128 GB2 x 2 TBSATA1000 MbpsUnmeteredEurope$ 199Add To Cart
CPU Brand Intel E5-1650v3 SKU-57001210382256 GB2 x 4 TBSATA1000 MbpsUnmeteredEurope$ 249Add To Cart

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Top Features of our Cheap Dedicated Servers

Bleeding-edge features on top of our enterprise-grade Dedicated Server Hosting Provider

Full Root Access

You get 100% admin access to your cheap dedicated servers. Manage it the way you like!

Fully Managed Server

Our 24/7 support team manages your server, so that you may focus on building your business.

Bundled Software
Coming soon...

Choose from a wide variety of popular control panels and 1-click installers for your new server.

Pricing Guarantee
Looking for a cheap, dedicated server? Research the market as much as you can! However you will NEVER find a FULLY Managed Server in the awesome price range that we offer! At GigaPros, we value your money and always offer the best deals for cheap ,dedicated server rental in the industry.

With over 5 years of hosting experience and more than 10,000 customers under our belt, we know what it takes to boost your business using our high quality yet cheap servers. We are the Top Rated host for a reason, and our goal is to provide a dependable, dedicated web hosting platform by utilizing our premium quality cheap servers. NOTE*** prices shown above are special sale pricing that are subject to change.

We've got the best deals in the industry for cheap and dedicated servers. Research the market as much as you can!

End-user Support
Coming soon...

We help YOUR hosting clients under YOUR brand name with our 24/7 White Label Support!

GigaPros Advantage

We just don't provide awesome servers. We provide great peace of mind too!

Seamless Migration

Seamlessly move to another affordable dedicated server based on your business scalability. No reinstall!

Quick Activation

Get your new server online within 48 hours max. Although, the average activation time is just 6 hours.

Built for Reliability
1) Premium Bandwidth: We only use Tier-1 premium bandwidth providers to ensure fastest network and lowest latency. We guarantee 99.99% network uptime and stand behind it with our uptime SLA.

2) Safety and Security: We have our own staff on 24/7 duty to fully manage our datacenter facilities. The datacenter premises are always monitored with cameras and secured with biometric locks.

3) Power Systems: To ensure uninterrupted power supply, we have deployed UPS with battery cabinets. This is backed by diesel based redundant power generators.

4) Cooling Systems: We have Liebert DS Precision Cooling System for controlled room temperature and air flow, which controls and regulates optimum temperature and humidity.

Our data centers implement a fully redundant network and power, along with secured premises.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting Services - We have Got You Covered. Guaranteed.

Our 4x guarantees will give you peace of mind all the time

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not fully satisfied with our Personal or Business Hosting services, you can cancel within the first 30 days and get a full refund of your money. After 30 days, you can get a pro-rate refund upon cancellation. No questions asked.

Uptime Guarantee SLA

Enjoy a minimum of 99.9% uptime every month for Personal Hosting and 99.99% for Business Hosting. If it's any less than that, we'll credit your account with 1 day of free hosting for every 1 hour of downtime. It's that simple!

Zero Overselling Guarantee

We follow ONE simple rule: You get EXACTLY what you pay for. No excuses, no gimmicks, no lies. Since our servers are never overloaded, you may use 100% of your account resources without getting suspended.

1 Hour Response Guarantee

After we receive your new ticket, you will get the initial response from our support team member within 1 hour. This response will be from a human and NOT an automated response. Our support team works 24x7x365 for you.

Real Customers. Real Reviews.

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Still Got Questions?

Questions & Answers

Ask us here for a quick answer...

We provide dedicated servers with high-performance CPUs, up to 256 GB of RAM, unmetered bandwidth, and massive storage drives. We specialise in providing fully managed hosting services, which are backed up by our in-house expert support team, which is available LIVE 24/7. If you are unsure, please contact our helpdesk and describe your requirements; you will be assured that we provide the most affordable hosting services. This will assist us in providing you with an appropriate solution.

While ordering our dedicated hosting server hosting services, choose the plan that’s right for you, then customize it to meet your unique needs with an operating system, control panel, backup plans, RAID protection, and much more. Your server will be ready within 24-48 hours of your payment.

The term ‘unmetered bandwidth’ or ‘unmetered dedicated servers’ or simply ‘unmetered’ (as you might have seen in our list of dedicated servers) is the term used to describe bandwidth without any restriction. You can use as much as you want and your speed will not decrease. These servers are helpful for media streaming purposes, which are already included with most of our cheap server hosting plans.

Yes, we do. While ordering please make sure to select the OS you prefer for your Windows dedicated server hosting plans. As with all our services, any Windows hosting that you choose will cover our guarantees for fully managed dedicated servers.

Our fully managed dedicated servers hosting services include the following server management activities: Reboots | OS Reinstalls | Hardware Problems | Reverse DNS | SSL Setup (Via cPanel/Plesk Only) | Connectivity Issues (RDP/SSH) | Site migrations | Managing control panel | Third-party software setup and configurations (on best effort basis)

Yes, you can certainly use our dedicated server for reselling purposes. You may also rent our Linux dedicated server to run a full-fledged dedicated server web hosting platform for your clients. If you prefer Windows hosting, then that would be just fine. We also provide white label support for your end-clients.

If you cancel your server after 1 month, we will refund the money for the remaining 2 months. Enjoy the discounts when you pre-pay for longer billing cycles. No need to worry about losing money anymore.
No, we do not backup our servers. If you sign up for our hosting, you are responsible for creating and managing backups. If you need assistance with this, please contact our support team. They will provide with all the assistance that you require for maintaining backups. Aside from that, you can sign up for our FTP backup services. FTP backup is a remote backup service that is hosted on a remote server. The entire process is not automated and must be setup manually, which requires collaboration with our support team.


Personal Plan: Choose Your Billing Period

Save 25%

Save 21%

Save 14%

Save 5%


VPS-2 GB: Choose Your Billing Period

Save 25%

Save 15%

Save 10%


Business Plan: Choose Your Billing Period

Save 25%

Save 15%

Save 10%


Cloud-2GB: Choose Your Billing Period

Save 25%

Save 20%

Save 10%


Cloud 4GB: Choose Your Billing Period

Save 25%

Save 20%

Save 10%


Cloud 8GB: Choose Your Billing Period

Save 25%

Save 15%


Cloud 16GB: Choose Your Billing Period

Save 15%


VPS-1 GB: Choose Your Billing Period

Save 25%

Save 15%

Save 10%


VPS-4 GB: Choose Your Billing Period

Save 25%

Save 15%

Save 10%


VPS-8GB: Choose Your Billing Period

Save 25%

Save 15%

Save 10%


1 month pre-payment: No discount
3 months pre-payment: 10% discount
6 months pre-payment: 15% discount (MOST POPULAR)
12 months pre-payment: 25% discount (BEST DEAL)

VPS-4GB: Choose Your Billing Period

Save 60%

Save 45%

Save 35%

Save 15%

No Discount

FREE Domain Registration ($15/yr value)
FREE Private Nameservers ($12/yr value)
** With 12 or 24 months Pre-Payment

1 month pre-payment: No discount
3 months pre-payment: 5% discount
6 months pre-payment: 10% discount
12 months pre-payment: 15% discount (MOST POPULAR)
24 months pre-payment: 25% discount (BEST DEAL)

Extra disk space used over 25 GB will be billed at $0.50/GB Extra

bandwidth used over 250 GB will be billed at $0.05/GB

Extra disk space used over 25 GB will be billed at $0.75/GB Extra

bandwidth used over 250 GB will be billed at $0.075/GB

FREE Domain Registration ($15/yr value)
FREE Private Nameservers ($12/yr value)
FREE Dedicated IP ($35/yr value)
FREE SSL Certificate ($30/yr value)
** With 12 or 24 months Pre-Payment

Extra disk space used over 40 GB will be billed at $1.50/GB

Extra bandwidth used over 400 GB will be billed at $0.15/GB